We are Connect, a multi-award winning digital agency


Delivered by intranet experts

At Connect, we have been delivering intranets to organisations worldwide for over 20 years, and have an enhanced understanding of developing highly usable intranets supported by powerful functionality and open source technology.

Our intranet solutions enable people to excel in their roles by providing a collaborative digital workspace that delivers relevant information and documentation.

Having conducted hundreds of hours of research & development and market research, we identified a need for a cost-effective, quick-to-deploy intranet solution that provides limitless possibilities for development and transforms the way organisations work. This research led to the creation of Hivetalk – our affordable intranet solution

An enhanced intranet experience

Our history allowed us to simplify the intranet onboarding process, ensuring that our clients are engaged in the creative process, and can begin using their new investment within a matter of weeks.

We pride ourselves on our consultative approach, creating intranets that support organisations through periods of continual growth. Our experience, coupled with our commitment to providing outstanding customer support, ensures that we consistently surpass expectations.

Aligned with your business processes

We believe an intranet should give users the space and freedom to complete tasks, encourage them to listen, learn and be heard and provide instant access to important assets and tools.

The intranets we design and build enable advanced information management and social collaboration in the enterprise, allowing employees to connect from any location, and on any device.

To learn more about Connect and the digital services we provide, please visit our website.